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The specific curriculum committee includes renowned educationists,Advisor Health and Education Baru Sahib(H.P) and senior principals.They draft the curriculum for students and the academic calendar.They also frame intervals of exams in which students appear and mode of assessments.Curriculum is framed in the m/o December for the next session.There is separate committee of examination including teachers at school level for implementation of the same.

Practices for balancing load of homework:-

During COVID 19 syllabus has been adequately reduced.Number of classes per day and number of assessments per term have also been reduced.More focus is laid upon multiple type of assessments so that the students do not feel bored.

No students has participated at state level so far.We are committed to make the students participate in the same very shortly.Students participate in various sports activities being held at various levels every year i.e school level,inter school,inter cluster and   Inter mega cluster level.The students bagged distinction awards such as Best Athlete and Overall champions Trophy .These activities are being conducted group-wise

Group 1- grade 1-2 students Group 2- grade 3-5students

Group 3- grade 6-8 students

Students participate in sports activities such as 100m,200m,400m,800m,and relay races ,shot put ,high jump ,long jump,badminton,football ,kabaddi and basketball matches.

Committee on innovative practices is comprised of Advisor Health and Education Baru Sahib (H.P),senior principals and renowned educationists who frame various innovative practices such as inquiry based learning ,project based learning etc for implementation in the school.

Committee on activities and achievements in the field education is comprised of Advisor Health and education,well qualified and experienced a/c teacher and principal who plan a/c activities and organize a/c competitions from time to time to promote the art skill among students

Committee on co scholastic and extra curricular activities is comprised of Advisor Health and Education Baru Sahib(H.P),HODs and coordinators of various subjects who plan the same for implementation in the school.